How To Find The Right Real Estate Agent For You

Lift off! The day has finally arrived when you’ve decided to 『get the agents in’. However, if you’ve spent countless hours planning your next move, let alone preparing your property to perfection, which particular agent will capture the full magic…

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14 tips to get the best out of a real estate industry event

Aside from EAC Insight 2017, there is an array of industry get-togethers that real estate agents will find themselves attending on a regular basis. Be it a franchise awards night, a function with media bodies like REB and Elite Agent,…

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How driverless cars will change your house, your street, your suburb and your life

When it comes to getting on the list of the most amazing inventions, driverless cars will quickly race to the top. Whether you are a driver or not, these vehicles are envisioned to radically impact the world in ways previously…

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